Bernie Sanders Merchandise Sales Through the Roof

bernie sanders t shirtLooking to get your hands on some Bernie Sanders merchandise? Join the crowd!

Yes, many are “feeling the bern” these days and Bernie Sanders items are selling like crazy on Amazon and other e-commerce platforms all around the world. From t-shirts, to stickers, to posters, hats, books, and much more!

There is a huge variety of Bernie t-shirts out there now, and they continue to add dozens every single week. From parody and comedic shirts, to official campaign shirts, and just plain stylish ones, they are all great and come in all shapes, sizes and colors.

Bernie’s campaign slogan is “Feel the Bern” so the most popular shirts have that slogan on and usually a picture of Bernie, or his campaign logo.

My personal favorite is the Star Wars parody that shows Bernie in the role of Luke Skywalker and it says Bernie is our last hope.